I paint my canvases in monochromatic colors, so the surface of the canvas itself is the center of attention. I like to think my canvases represent how we work our way through life to find harmony and beauty.

Nicole Anastas

About the Artist

Nicole Anastas Headshot

Nicole Anastas (b. 1969) is a Los-Angeles based artist. With training in fashion and furniture design, Nicole's multifaceted creative background led her to develop a unique painting process that combines sewing, embroidering, and fraying, amongst other techniques, to create a richly textured surface. Her primarily monochromatic palette highlights each painting's elaborate surface and reinforces its topographic facade.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at In Various Forms, 2023

  • Participated in The Other Art Fair, 2023

  • Featured in Luxe Interiors, 2022