While I still focus on scenes and defined figures, I've shifted my focus to the periphery of these images. A figure may enmesh and assimilate with the space and perhaps a face won't be present. Maybe a hand or a leg can convey a feeling more accurately than an explicit facial expression.

Nefertiti Jenkins

About the Artist


Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Nefertiti Jenkins (b. 1994) is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based painter. In her paintings, Nefertiti takes on reflections of past experiences and memories as a way to find appreciation for the rarer moments in life. Choosing high chroma colors, skewed figures, and quasi-surreal environments, Nefertiti's portrayal of her recollection through formal paint handling leads to an ambiguous and dream-like narrative.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited with Anat Ebgi at Frieze's Online Viewing Room, 2021

  • Featured in Hyperallergic, 2020

  • Exhibited at GALLERY PLATFORM LA, 2020