The works of Rothko, Reinhardt, and Newman really guide my work. Additionally, the work of Richard Serra and Fred Sandback has interested me in trying to do a lot with a little.

Mitch Paster

About the Artist


Mitch Paster (b. 1987) is an Orlando, Florida-based artist who creates abstract photographs that investigate the creative possibilities behind ordinary materials and self-imposed limits. Mitch’s photographs capture atmospheric interactions of color that reference color-field paintings by Marc Rothko, Ad Reinhardt, and Barnett Neuman. Mitch’s photographs are energetic yet meditative spaces that allow the viewer to draw into focus their own form of meaning.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at Page Bond Gallery, 2018

  • Artist in Residence at Arteles Residency, 2015

  • Bronx Museum Artist in the Marketplace Fellowship Recipient, 2013