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Underneath a lot of these photos is not a real serious person trying make something that will invoke some serious idea? I'm just having a blast, that's all.

Michael Northrup

About the Artist


Michael Northrup (b. 1948) is a Baltimore, Maryland-based photographer. His photographs offer a flash-illuminated, ironic, and humorous view of daily life in America through spontaneous images that capture the everyday. For Michael, creating images is all about his daily life, and the meaningful pictures that can be extracted and reflect the personal vision he brings to those visual narratives. Whatever the subject, from a tire fire, a dog eclipsed by a dandelion, or a ghostly figure ambushing a lawn ornament, Michael’s photographs are imbued with light, mystery, and an off-kilter beauty.

News and Notables
  • Interviewed by Nowhere Diary, 2021

  • Featured in Eyeshot Magazine, 2020

  • Maryland State Arts Council Award Recipient, 1995