Just like an origami crease pattern that implies a hidden physical reality lying in wait, these works use line and color to suggest a willingness for the picture plane to shape-shift and fold into an unknowable yet somehow tangible secondary form.

Matt Neuman

About the Artist


Matt Neuman (b. 1985) is a painter and printmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. Interested in the visual interplay of color, line, geometry and repetition, Matt creates optically dense compositions that reverberate within the confines of his surface. Coupled with an interest in physics, origami, space-time, and the infinite image, Matt’s work engages with geometric abstraction as a means of providing structural logic that resonates with humanity's instinctive tendency to organize information.

News and Notables
  • Solo exhibition, / for·mu·la /’, Longview Gallery, 2020

  • Exhibited at The Directed Art Modern, 2019

  • Presented at Scope Miami Beach, 2018