My work is concerned with the ambiguity of space and the seductiveness of color.

Lucia Rodriguez Perez

About the Artist

Portrait of artist Lucia Rodriguez Perez.

Lucia Rodriguez Perez (b.1986) is a Brooklyn-based painter who creates surreal and dreamlike spaces where organic elements interact with architectural features such as gates, pillars, and balustrades, creating a dialogue between the natural and the man-made. In her nearly symmetrical compositions, Lucia works with a saturated palette, exploring what she describes as "the seductiveness of color". Each image depicts a new reality that is both unrealistic and believable, where light and space bend to form a unique and intriguing world.

News and Notables
  • Solo show at Salon21, New York, NY, 2023

  • Solo show at Alto Gallery, Denver, CO, 2022

  • MFA from New York Academy of Art, New York, NY 2016