I don?t think there?s a single story for each character. I think they?re more like puppets, or toys. ... or costumes for different plays, where the drawing or painting is the stage for the play. The viewer is the playwright, I just supply the actors, costumes, and stages.

Kyle Pellet

About the Artist


San Jose-based artist Kyle Pellet (b. 1982) creates small scale drawings to incubate narratives of intimacy, discomfort, and discovery. Inspired by pop-culture, multimedia ephemera, and fine art, Kyle's paintings express liquid narratives by way of rhythmic arrangements in color, harmony, texture, value, shape, form, and frequency. Kyle's work is a high contrast playground of mutating perspectives, pulsating and populated with expressive figures who persist on fluid mounds, shards, and clumps of graphic circumstance.

News and Notables
  • Solo Exhibition, Use Your Delusion I, Black Stamp Studios, 2023

  • Artist in Residence, Meta Open Arts, 2019

  • Featured Artist, Class Set, Volume III, 2019