Certain colors come to mind when I recall memories or people and I use those colors to retell the moment. The captions at the bottom of my pieces are a little window into the memory of the painting.

Kristin Texeira

About the Artist


Kristin Texeira (b. 1988) is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist who creates painted abstractions of her interactions with both persons and places. Culled from decades of journaling and sketching, Kristin’s paintings create a lexicon of carefully crafted forms with a finely attuned sensitivity to color and surface. Kristin captures memories through map-like geometries that serve to reflect and record the world around her.

News and Notables
  • Solo exhibition Wood Winds at Nonneta Creative, Barryville, NY 2021

  • Exhibited at Workshop Gallery, Vineyard Haven, MA, 2021

  • Solo exhibition, Caramels at Stephanie Chefas Gallery, Portland, OR 2019