I am constantly drawn to where the pattern goes off, or where a small corner doesn't quite match up, I think it is a result of how hard we try to get it just so, but we are human and imperfections are the beauty of life.

Jackie Meier

About the Artist


Brooklyn and Westchester, New York-based artist Jackie Meier (b. 1966) paints abstracted geometries that allude to space, motion, and time. Often beginning with a single form, Jackie uses repetition to create a sense of movement. By telescoping shapes into and out of each other, she disrupts the symmetrical order of pattern and creates dynamic compositions that course with energy.

News and Notables
  • Striped Garden, Solo exhibition at Gallery Gaia, 2024

  • Solo exhibition at New Collectors Gallery, 2023

  • Public Art Commission, Arts Westchester and Toll Brothers, 2022