My floral forms are born into paint and I read each of them as a celebration of progress, fecundity and eternal capacity for new life. I hope there is a sense of instinctual, unselfconscious energy conveyed in the works, echoing nature's output.

Georgia Beaumont

About the Artist

Portrait of artist Georgia Beaumont.

Georgia Beaumont (b.1996) is a London-based painter whose work explores floral forms with an acute focus on the plasticity of their structures. Her practice is a tool to become more deeply acquainted with the bounds of the botanical world she builds. The dancing botanical shapes are a celebration of progress, fecundity, and the capacity for new life. For this reason, observing nature, researching its symbolism, and finding solace in its cyclical constancy, is essential to her practice. The flowers, so historically associated with the feminine, are Georgia’s tribute to the great and complex female relationships of her life.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at Wilder Gallery, 2023

  • Featured in The Violet Hour's online collection, 2023

  • Exhibited at Victoria Law Projects, 2023