With well-designed buildings, you find spaces within where everything aligns and you know that the space you are standing was created with purpose. That is the feeling I try to capture with my painting: like you are standing in one of those moments.

Christina Flowers

About the Artist

Artist Christina Flowers sitting on a ladder in front of her large colorful paintings.

Charlottesville, Virginia-based Christina Flowers’ (b. 1976) paintings are characterized by her use of color and hard edged abstraction. Trained first as an Architect and Industrial Designer, Christina approaches her work with structure and rhythm. Interested in liminal spaces and the dualities of nature, Christina’s paintings embed these moments and the emotions evoked within them.

News and Notables
  • Leading Women Artists, Martha Spak Gallery, 2023

  • Quirk Summer Art, Quirk Gallery, 2023

  • Spiritus Mundi, Liz Lidgett Gallery, 2023