A line is alive, you can read a lot in a line - it is a zen philosophy.

Ba Ousmane

About the Artist

Ba Ousmane headshot

Ba Ousmane (b. 1988) is a Tokyo-based artist originally from France. Using gestural brushstrokes to articulate his forms in minimal movements, Ousmane captures the essential expression of his subject matter ranging from nudes to floral arrangements. Inspired by the tradition of Japanese ink painting techniques, there is an immediacy to his line work and a rich range of marks. To create each work, Ousmane begins with several preparatory studies to internalize the rhythm of his movements across the paper as he responds to the weight of the brush and the flow of his ink. Through repetition, a synthesis is forged between maker and materials, resulting in a work of art that appears effortless in its simplicity.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at Foreign Agent, 2022

  • Profiled in a video interview with The Future Magazine, 2022

  • Performed a live painting event at Jicon Bar, 2019