I want the paintings to pull you in, lead you around, and push you out several different times, and color is one of the ways I achieve that.

Aliza Cohen

About the Artist


Richmond, California-based Aliza Cohen (b. 1980) is a perpetual observer, constantly exploring her surroundings for inspiration. Aliza's painting practice began through depicting realistic portrayals of the suburban landscapes as observed from her studio. Eventually her work progressed into sprawling abstract compositions that capture not only the visual verisimilitude of place but its emotional and intangible qualities as well. This specificity has become paramount to Aliza, as she has crafted a visual language of repetitive shapes and symbols that depict her relationship to the world around her.

News and Notables
  • Artist in residence at The Jentel Foundation, 2020

  • Exhibited at the Kala Institute, 2019

  • Artist in Residence at Object Limited, 2019