Canal Street Market Residencies

39 Artworks

Works from the four most recent Uprise Artists at the Canal Street Market residency, from sculpture to painting.

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Mermerica by Natalie Baxter
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Beau by Dan Covert
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Bit by Dan Covert
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Coast by Dan Covert
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Falling by Dan Covert
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Parcel by Dan Covert
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Prime by Dan Covert
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Reciprocity by Dan Covert
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Reconcile by Dan Covert
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Tweak (Study) by Dan Covert
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Shoop (Study) by Dan Covert
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Accounts (Study) by Dan Covert
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Young by Dan Covert
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Absent by Dan Covert
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Downtown 3 by Senem Oezdogan
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Downtown 4 by Senem Oezdogan
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Downtown 5 by Senem Oezdogan
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Ihe 01 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 02 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 04 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 05 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 06 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 07 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 09 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 10 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 11 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 12 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 13 by Chioma Ebinama
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Ihe 14 by Chioma Ebinama
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Here and Now by Hyun Jung Ahn
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Forever Young by Hyun Jung Ahn
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The Behind Scene by Hyun Jung Ahn
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Mother and Mountain by Hyun Jung Ahn
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The Night Air We Shared by Hyun Jung Ahn
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I will Rock You by Hyun Jung Ahn
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The Morning on April 27th by Hyun Jung Ahn
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Love Me More by Hyun Jung Ahn
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Cranky and Grumpy by Hyun Jung Ahn
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A Tiny Secret by Hyun Jung Ahn

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