• Art Fairs
  • PULSE, New York
  • 03/03/16 - 03/06/16

Uprise Art exhibited works from two Brooklyn-based painters, Ky Anderson and Vicki Sher. Anderson's large-scale canvas work and smaller works on found paper consider formal issues of balance and pressure, while Sher's works on paper, muslin, and drafting film consider impressions of domestic spaces and objects with atmospheric impressions and pared-down abstraction.

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Vicki Sher and Ky Anderson
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Vicki Sher and Ky Anderson
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Works by Vicki Sher
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Detail of Ky Anderson's "The Protected Rock"
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Ky Anderson's "Split Cave"
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Ky Anderson's "The Protected Rock" and "Split Cave"
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Vicki Sher and Ky Anderson
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"Drafting Films" by Vicki Sher
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Detail of Vicki Sher's "Big Bowl #5"
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Works by Vicki Sher
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Works by Vicki Sher
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Works by Vicki Sher
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Detail of Vicki Sher's "Untitled (Reaching for the Clouds)"