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Visit with Vicki Sher

Vicki Sher invites us to her Gowanus, Brooklyn studio to see her large works on semi-transparent drafting film. Her practice of drawing on both sides of the material gives her floating and stacked shapes a layered quality where subtle colors come in and out of focus. Her works will be exhibited alongside works by Michael Milano and Blake Aaseby at the Seattle Art Fair in August 2019.

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“This recent work distills everyday objects and figures into geometric shapes. A semicircle is a bowl, a moon, a mountain, a breast, etc. Shapes float, stack up, interact, and act as stand-ins for everyday activity.”

— Vicki Sher

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“Reducing imagery to shapes creates a new language. The endless possibility of these colorful building blocks has introduced more play into my studio practice. So while a quiet, deadpan sensibility still thrives, there is a new voice, singing, in vibrant color, and giving emphasis to joy and beauty.”

— Vicki Sher

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“Working on translucent drafting film allows me to layer the image, creating depth, and with that added space, more room for an open-ended result. The material supports a long held interest in describing multi-layered experiences even within a pared-down composition, to hint at something without over-directing the narrative. I believe that underneath the busy-ness of daily activity lies a quieter hum of human experience, the emotional realm: remote, inaudible and changeable. Drawing, with its wordless intensity, is the perfect tool to describe this parallel universe.”

— Vicki Sher

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