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We took a much-needed getaway to Rebeca Raney’s Brooklyn studio, an airy and inspiring space filled with a diverse range of media. Displayed alongside a quirky array of illustrated books, vintage toys and fashion accessories, the artist’s ink drawings, colorful textiles, ceramics, and playful sculptures are enough to brighten anyone’s mood, and allow visitors an escape to an imaginative, happy world.

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“I aspire to having a depth of narrative within my drawings while maintaining an economy of line and gesture.”

— Rebeca Raney

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“Rebeca never erases and incorporates mistakes as often as they are made. Extra eyes appear on faces as a result, and extra lines add a sense of movement.”

— Tze Chun, founder at Uprise Art

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“The decision to make sculptures usually comes from a compelling drawing. I will want very much to see my characters come to life and to be able to touch them.”

— Rebeca Raney

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“I am half Colombian. I would counter that before my work is Japanese, it is youthful and feminine.”

— Rebeca Raney

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“I draw everyday. Using ink and a collection of loved (unwashed and warped) calligraphy and bamboo pens and cheap brushes, I never erase and incorporate mistakes as often as they are made.”

— Rebeca Raney

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“My best possession as a child was a Hello Kitty comb and mirror. The world of Sanrio has been a pervasive inspiration.”

— Rebeca Raney

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