Inside the Studio

Visit with Michael Moncibaiz

Michael Moncibaiz takes the time to share what’s new in his recent body of paintings, from expanded palettes to treating negative spaces as a set of forms unto themselves.

Photos by Hannah Betts

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“For this body of work I've found myself more interested in form. Where in the past I used my bits and shapes to better understand and create balanced compositions, for this recent work I find myself excited about how these arrangements can create even larger forms of themselves.”

— Michael Moncibaiz

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“As always, color is still playing a major role. In the past I may have limited my palette to three to four colors per composition in order to emphasize a compositional flow, but here, I've expanded to six to ten colors. I feel the palettes lend a certain weight to the pieces, giving the larger forms even more life.”

— Michael Moncibaiz

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“I'm also really interested in how negative space can be manipulated not only to inform a larger form as a whole, but can in fact become its own set of forms.”

— Michael Moncibaiz

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“ Rather than emphasizing an overall composition, you're able to dig deeper and see the role each bit, or shard, or fragment is playing in the forming of these larger forms.”

— Michael Moncibaiz

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