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Millee on 'Mount Analogue'

Millee TibbsMount Analogue series maps the sinuous relationship between what we see and what we know. During residencies at The MacDowell Colony and The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, she refined the gelatin silver printing technique used to create the series. By creating multiple darkroom exposures of a single negative, Millee’s bucolic mountainscapes take on an paradoxical relationship between geometric abstraction and optical illusion. Through this process, she examines the mind’s attempt to rationalize and tame that which exceeds the limits of perception.

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“Using a 4 x 5 film field camera, I traveled to and hiked through the Swiss and French Alps and the Sagarmatha (Everest) region of the Himalaya - carrying all my own photographic and personal gear, and staying in mountain huts and tea houses.”

— Millee Tibbs

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“All of the images in this series are Gelatin Silver prints created by using masks to create different exposures on the photo paper in the darkroom (think fancy test strip).”

— Millee Tibbs

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“In many of these images, the labor of this darkroom process parallels the labor of moving through the mountain landscape to take the photographs – the photograph 'Refuge' involved over 40 exposures, took over 40 minutes to print, and came close to using a full box of paper (and all my sanity) to perfect.”

— Millee Tibbs

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