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Jordan Sullivan on "The Autumns of Spring"

Shot at Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, France, Jordan Sullivan’s new series defies the true-to-life conventions of photography, offering an appropriately impressionistic lens to consider the legacy of Monet’s life and work. To articulate the pictures sonically, the photographer put together a record, The Sun At Night.

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The Autumns of Spring 13 (36x24)

“While making this work I thought a lot about the melancholic and darker side of Monet's work and life. I see his paintings as being fairly sad and even grim, and I think my photographs of his garden have a similar mood.”

— Jordan Sullivan

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The Autumns of Spring 2, 3, and 4 (15x10)
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The Autumns of Spring 8 (60x40)
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The Autumns of Spring 12 (36x24)
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The Autumns of Spring 61 and 32 (15x10)

“The flowers in Monet’s garden at Giverny looked lonely, worried, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Some looked like they stood a chance, like they were standing up for something.”

— Jordan Sullivan

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The Autumns of Spring 42 (60x40)
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The Autumns of Spring 17 (36x24)
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The Autumns of Spring 58 and 59 (15x10)
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The Autumns of Spring 21 (60x40)

“I saw a spectrum of human life and emotion in Monet's garden. I saw ugliness and beauty, anxiety and calm, fear and courage.”

— Jordan Sullivan

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