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The Inside

Lush interiors abound at The Inside’s Creative Compound. Scroll down to see photos from their newly renovated Tribeca loft, where a range of custom pieces (including a few from their collaboration with Peter Som) mingle with artworks by Uprise Artists Senem Oezdogan, Fitzhugh Karol, and more.

Photos by Gieves Anderson

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Senem Oezdogan

“We wanted to create the experiential office 3.0 where people can interact with product in person, see the curation of the mix - new and vintage, high and low - and be part of the conversation.”

— Christiane Lemieux

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Senem Oezdogan
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Kristin Texeira, Alyson Provax, Beverly Ress, Jordan Sullivan, Ky Anderson, RF Alvarez, Leigh Wells, and Inka Bell
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“The Creative Compound is indeed a showroom: you can see a select number of our products amongst gorgeous vintage pieces that we have handpicked and fantastic contemporary artworks from Uprise Art, but we hope it will also be a place that inspires you to live with beauty and acknowledge how it makes you feel. ”

— The Inside

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Matthew Ward, IN.SEK, and Fitzhugh Karol
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Katrine Hilebrandt-Hussey and Ky Anderson
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Martina Lang & Fitzhugh Karol

“It’s where design meets retail. Over the past three months, we have transformed our loft from a raw, industrial space to the embodiment of The Inside: layered, dynamic, effortlessly chic, and joyful.”

— Christiane Lemieux

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Chad Kouri
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Chad Kouri
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Clay Mahn

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