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Bark & Co.

At Bark & Co.’s NYC Headquarters, Uprise artist Christina Watka created a site-specific installation inspired by Man’s Best Friend.

For her installation titled “43 Barks,” Christina surveyed the then 43 team members at Bark & Co. and created 43 unique stick sculptures inspired by each team member’s personality or their dog’s personality. She took into account everything from their favorite activities to food preferences. Together, the sculptures form a picture of the many personalities behind Bark & Co.’s playful office.

Photos by Samantha Teich

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“I thought like a dog the whole time. How fun is that?!”

— Christina Watka

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“It was important to us that our first installation reflect the value we have for our employees – we’re a bunch of dog-lovin’ hoomans with thick skins and big hearts who work to keep dogs happy.”

— Bark Post

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