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Artist Residency at a Midtown office

We designed an Artist Residency for one of our favorite corporate clients. Over the course of a week, mixed-media artist Xochi Solis created six unique works inspired by the global cities where the firm has offices, including: Hong Kong, Boston, Kansas City, Hyderabad, London, and New York. She set up her studio in one of the common spaces at the firm, where employees could stop in and converse with her and see the works come together over time.

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“London to me was light, lemony pastels with a bit of frivolity, glitter and fashion with ostentatious charm. ”

— Xochi Solis

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“For Hong Kong, I closed my eyes and recalled images of the dark and sultry films of Wong Kar-Wai, specifically the mystifying sci-fi film 2046 and its deep cinematic colors of purple and hot pink.”

— Xochi Solis

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"Heading for a drowsy future through the unfathomable night" inspired by Hong Kong
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"You lead me down by the ocean" inspired by Boston

“Boston by the sea, one of the oldest cities in the USA with a rich history of revolution and American patriotism, struck me as structured but yet vulnerable to its ocean coastline and the inevitable exposure to extreme temperatures. Using rough and rocky textures of spray paint and barnacled imagery from science textbooks, my aim was to construct an image of icy tranquility and an austere natural aura.”

— Xochi Solis

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"There's a mess of moonlight" inspired by Kansas City
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"Don't talk of dust and roses" inspired by London

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