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Tricks of the trade with Fogarty Finger

The perfect piece of art can not only physically transform a space, but can change your relationship with a space. The hospitality design team at Fogarty Finger, including designers Alexandra Cuber, Candace Rimes, and Taylor Fleming, talk to us about how they use art to make their clients feel at home and inspired by the stories of the emerging artists they work with. With art as an anchor, Fogarty Finger uses color to tell a story, sparking new avenues of exploration and possibility.

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At Uprise

15 of the year's best spaces

Out with 2020 and in with 2021. We're reflecting on all of the spaces that became home to Uprise Art over the past year.

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Behind the scenes of 'Reflection Pools'

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of Chad Kouri’s "Reflection Pools", now on view at Chinatown Soup until March 13th.

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Inside our inaugural exhibition

Go behind the scenes of our new exhibition space and our inaugural show, “All Eyes On Me”, with new paintings by Lindsey Cuenca Walker and Ohni Lisle.