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Annie & Jack in Prospect Heights

When Annie and Jack moved from Chinatown to Prospect Heights, they called upon Refinery29’s Sean Santiago to mediate their styles. The end result, as Sean puts it, “is a Brooklyn bungalow spin on California ranch living. Flashes of high-fashion femininity are balanced out by wood tones and earthy textures for an inviting space that makes use of Annie and Jack’s favorite pieces of decor and art.”

Scroll down for more photos from the home tour, and see the whole transformation on Refinery29.

Designed by Sean Santiago, photos by Nicholas Calcott for Refinery29

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Artwork by Millee Tibbs & Jen Wink Hays
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Artwork by Millee Tibbs & Jen Wink Hays
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“The wide, low-slung cocktail table showcases Annie's collection of coffee table books, accented with a succulent and colorful snuff box from Chen Chen & Kai Williams. And there's still plenty of room for guests to put their feet up.”

— Sean Santiago

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Artwork by Robert Otto Epstein (right)
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Artwork by Jen Wink Hays & Robert Otto Epstein
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Artwork by Jen Wink Hays

“A wooden flamingo from Kenya reigns over the couple's drinkware.”

— Sean Santiago

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Artwork by Robert Otto Epstein
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Artwork by Alyson Provax
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“The serene yet lively aesthetic that we established in the main living area continues into the bedroom. Pretty sure we can call this a #PinterestSuccess?”

— Sean Santiago

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Artwork by Jen Wink Hays

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