Large and in Charge

56 Artworks

Stately pieces of stature, with much to say.

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Windfall I by Anna Beeke
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Windfall II by Anna Beeke
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Mountains + Valleys (Monument Valley #1, Diptych) by Millee Tibbs
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Cut from the Same Cloth II by Luckey Remington
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Like a Fish between Two Cats I by Senem Oezdogan
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Untitled (Palms) by Vicki Sher
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Transparent Tower by Ky Anderson
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court 13 - hong kong 2012 by Ward Roberts
Clay mahn dcci detail
DCCI by Clay Mahn
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Fountain by John Guthrie
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Large Drafting Film #3 (Red Palms) by Vicki Sher
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Rococo Study 1 by Holly Addi
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Three Red Chairs by Adrian Kay Wong
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court 20 - hong kong 2012 by Ward Roberts
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First Month by Natalie Baxter
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Grey Color Study, Arc by Cindy Hsu Zell
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Surrounding II by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
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Pool 41H by Eddie K
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Pool 29S by Eddie K
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Four Points by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
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Konfiguration No. 1 by NG Collective Studio
Ryan james macfarland wave pyramid 1 detail
Wave Pyramid #1 by Ryan James MacFarland
Ryan james macfarland wave pyramid 2 detail
Wave Pyramid #2 by Ryan James MacFarland
Clay mahn lvii detail
LVII by Clay Mahn
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Motorcoach by Aliza Morell
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The Mountain Inside by Piero Passacantando
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Like a Fish between Two Cats II by Senem Oezdogan
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All Your Eggs by Senem Oezdogan
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Murmuration (Impression, Community, and Legacy) by Christina Watka
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Break Light by Zoë Pawlak
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As It Breaks by Erin Lynn Welsh
Mitch paster untitled carpe detail
Untitled (Carpe) by Mitch Paster
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Death Valley Mountain #28 by Jordan Sullivan
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Unbound by Zoë Pawlak
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Death Valley Mountain #8 by Jordan Sullivan
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Murmuration XIV (Perseverance) by Christina Watka
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Air/Plains (August 8, 2013 "Gomez") by Millee Tibbs
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Kollected No. 1 by NG Collective Studio
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Konfiguration No. 20 by NG Collective Studio
Mitch paster untitled redemption detail
Untitled (Redemption) by Mitch Paster
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Cut from the Same Cloth I by Luckey Remington
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Cut from the Same Cloth III by Luckey Remington
Adam ryder field emitter epsilon detail
Field Emitter Epsilon by Adam Ryder
Adam ryder botanical archive beta detail
Botanical Archive Beta by Adam Ryder
Adam ryder renovatio imperii xii detail
Renovatio Imperii - XII by Adam Ryder
Millee tibbs mountains valleys yellowstone national park 3 detail
Mountains + Valleys (Yellowstone National Park #3) by Millee Tibbs

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