Found Materials

26 Artworks

Collage, assemblage, and mixed media. Lose yourself in works that use materials - and inspiration - from the world around you.

Leigh wells corriente 130504 detail
Corriente (130504) by Leigh Wells
Ferris mcguinty dot detail
Dot by Ferris McGuinty
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Untitled by Matthew Shelley
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Organized Enlightenment by Chad Kouri
Jono tosch bubbles factories plaid detail
Bubbles, Factories, Plaid by Jono Tosch
Miranda lake messenger detail
Messenger by Miranda Lake
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Visage (150206) by Leigh Wells
Abby goodman the amazing race detail
The Amazing Race by Abby Goodman
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Exquisite Plant Collage No. 9 by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao
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Visage (150203) by Leigh Wells
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Propellor by Ferris McGuinty
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Some Kind of Antenna by Matthew Shelley
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Untitled by Ferris McGuinty
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Save a cold kiss for me by Xochi Solis
Abby goodman a quiet moment detail
A Quiet Moment by Abby Goodman
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Exquisite Plant Collage No. 11 by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao
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Untitled by Ferris McGuinty
Jono tosch diamond 1 detail
Diamond #1 by Jono Tosch
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Deception (111007) by Leigh Wells
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Landscape Collage 47 by Jordan Sullivan
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Untitled by Ferris McGuinty
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The Watchmen by Miranda Lake
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Fence 5 by Matthew Shelley
Abby goodman party at lucky chengs detail
Party At Lucky Cheng's by Abby Goodman
Leigh wells corriente 130507 detail
Corriente (130507) by Leigh Wells
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Dedicate your sorrow, here & now by Xochi Solis

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