• $3800
  • size 46" × 46" × 1.875"
  • year 2012
  • materials Archival pigment print
  • edition of 6
  • framed In white
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About the Artist

File 84034

Ward Roberts (b. 1986) is a photographer who offers a masterful study in composition and color. Capturing public spaces dedicated to outdoor sports and games, along with ethereal portraits, Roberts creates composed images drawing on themes of finiteness, ephemerality, and loneliness. His muted, pastel images of deserted tennis and basketball courts reveal a tension between open spaces and graphic lines, while his faded, chiaroscuro portraits explore the duality of both the conception and constructed sense of self in modern society. At the core of the photographer's work is an exploration of isolation, and an interest in documenting how individuals have become emotionally detached through dependency on technology. Roberts is based in NYC and has exhibited widely across the U.S. and abroad.

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From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Ward Roberts
  • Photographer Ward Roberts speaks about the honesty of film photography and his upcoming and ongoing projects in Hong Kong and the Rockaways.
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  • At Uprise
  • Tricks of the trade with Tina Rich
  • To kick off a new series highlighting some of the amazing designers we collaborate with, we sat down with New York-based designer Tina Rich.
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  • In Good Company
  • Fuigo
  • A home for collaboration and design, Fuigo's Park Avenue space unites works from over 15 artists in their latest Artist Residency.

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