• size 28" × 62"
  • year 2014
  • medium Clear tape, chalk, and pastel on paper. Currently in exhibition - inquire below.
  • framed In white
“As efficient flow of information has become essential for the exchange of ideas, social interactions and political discourse in our networked society, these abstract drawings explore concepts of structure and hierarchy as informed by the diagrammatic visual language of command and control modules often seen in electronic systems, social networks, botnets, neural circuits etc. ” — Visakh Menon
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About the Artist

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Visakh Menon (b. 1980) maintains an interdisciplinary practice spanning video, installation, media art, and drawing. Taking inspiration from visual programming languages and borrowed aesthetics from circuitry, Menon creates his works with an extensive drafting process, where images are run through programs of his own creation to generate original compositions that interrogate ideas of communication and signals. Originally from Cochin, India, Menon lives and works in Queens, NY.

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Visakh Menon
  • Queens-based Visakh Menon tells us about the aesthetics of glitches and how he came across his distinctive processes.

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