• $800
  • size 14" × 11"
  • year 2017
  • materials Oil on panel
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“When starting a painting I try to set up problems for myself to solve, and only by working through many layers and thinking through the act of painting can it be completed. This also allows change and progression to occur naturally. It is this unknown and constant search I subject myself to in painting that allows for wider limitations.” — Tyler Scheidt
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About the Artist

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Tyler Scheidt (b. 1988) is a San Francisco-based painter whose abstract works explore the relationship between objects, space, and the human experience. Tyler’s multilayered paintings evolve organically with dynamic ranges of texture, form, color, and collage. Working intuitively, Tyler’s paintings allude to plant life, horizon lines, and gradient light spectrums suspended within his illusionistic paint surface.

News & Notables

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Tyler Scheidt
  • San Francisco-based artist Tyler Scheidt talks to us about his transition from printmaker to painter and working positively and reductively.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Visit with Tyler Scheidt
  • We stop by the San Francisco studio of printmaker-turned-painter Tyler Scheidt to get a closer look at his material-rich paintings.
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  • In Good Company
  • Fuigo
  • A home for collaboration and design, Fuigo's Park Avenue space unites works from over 15 artists in their latest Artist Residency.

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