• $1100
  • size 14" × 12" × 1.5"
  • year 2015
  • materials Acrylic and airbrush on linen
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“I've been naming these paintings after stars and other celestial objects. I've always like the aesthetic of these names, their roots in the mythology of different cultures and how they sound scientific. My goal in repurposing the names is to give them an entirely new meaning, based on the qualities of the paintings they represent.” — Thomas Hammer
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About the Artist

File 84013

Los-Angeles, California-based Thomas Hammer (b. 1985) creates calligraphic ink and acrylic paintings with custom-made brushes and painting tools that offer a range of unique mark making possibilities. Inspired by the way photography can flatten vast space, Thomas’ paintings similarly capture a planar distillation reminiscent of dynamic skyscapes and landscapes or the uncovering of an archeological dig. The contrast between the density and dispersion of Thomas’ mark making brings a sense of movement that draws the viewer’s eye around the entirety of the painted surface.

News & Notables

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Inside the Studio
  • Thomas on "Paint Us"
  • Thomas Hammer introduces a new body of work exploring color and texture.
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  • Meet
  • Thomas Hammer
  • We speak with Thomas Hammer about his dual practice, how experimentation led to his materials, and why you don't paint emojis.

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