• $1075
  • size 16.5" × 16.5" × 2.75"
  • year 2021
  • materials Acrylic paint, graphite, spray paint acrylic on canvas
  • framed In Oak
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“This painting from 'Until I Return' is part of a body of work created with the fond memory of my time living in NYC. The people I met, the movers and shakers, the beauty, the ugly, the suburbs, the late nights, the delicious food, strange smells, the sweltering heat, the bitter cold, the constant noise, the abundance of character, the age, the buildings, the streets, the passion, the love. I loved every minute and can not wait to return.” — Saxon Quinn
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About the Artist

File 167001

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Saxon Quinn's work takes a cue from the sprawling asphalt streetscapes found in cities. Inspired by his travels to New York City and other bustling metropolises, his explorations use the medium of cement plaster as a literal elucidation of the experienced environment. He distresses the surface, a nod to the weathering effect of pedestrian's footsteps over time, and creates urban narratives through his line-work, monolithic shapes and geometric marks.

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Saxon Quinn
  • Melbourne-based artist Saxon Quinn shares how a love of wandering lead him to paint with cement.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Visit with Saxon Quinn
  • Saxon Quinn celebrates all things New York in his new series "Until I Return".
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