• size 60" × 48" × 1.5"
  • year 2019
  • materials Acrylic on canvas
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“Placing myself in the role of a printer inspires my latest series of paintings as I continue exploring the area between virtual spaces and reality. I try to stay in the present moment and take on the task at hand but as my mind and body move into preconception, glitches become apparent and the mantra of the repeated gesture begins to wane. I continue to explore the middle ground between virtual images and real or naturalistic imagery and how it relates to abstraction. As we continue to view the world through a small screen are we misinterpreting more frequently? Perhaps we have become more comfortable with the virtual atmosphere and expect to see it in reality. Formal aspects such as foreground and background change as well as color interpretations. Overall, we continue to determine what is fake and what is real.” — Ruth Freeman
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About the Artist

File 83989

Ruth Freeman (b. 1969) is a New York-based painter whose work explores the relationship between chaos and order. Beginning with a detailed digital mockup, Ruth alternates between additive and subtractive layers of paint, mirroring her computer based sketch. Once these initial layers are complete, Ruth allows chance to intervene as she adds impromptu gestural brushwork in reaction and opposition to her previous marks.

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Ruth Freeman
  • Architect-turned-painter Ruth Freeman talks about how unrealistic expectations inform her work and infusing gesture in digitally-informed painting.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Visit with Ruth Freeman
  • Brooklyn-based painter Ruth Freeman shares how her architectural background has influenced her working methods and the role that technology has in her process.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Ruth on recent paintings
  • Ruth Freeman gives insight into how her time in the studio has progressed lately, as well as her enigmatic titles.

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