• Price Upon Request
  • size 27.5" × 33.25" × 1.875"
  • year 2019
  • materials Acrylic on paper
  • framed In white
“Lately, I've been taking a look at how these objects can come to shape identities and how they reflect an individual's relationship to a heritage. How can certain motifs resonate differently as time passes, adopting new meaning? How can personal artifacts fold into a larger fabric of historical ones? Can new meaning be manipulated out of ancient figurations? These are the questions I've been exploring.” — RF Alvarez
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About the Artist

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RF Alvarez (b. 1988) explores the act of artifact-making in his work. Using disparate historical references, he draws from motifs and iconography to address issues of identity and culture, often including the intersection of text and image. His work focuses on how the documents of experiences can have their own tradition or heritage and how those heritages can reflect back onto the subject. Alvarez is currently based in Austin, TX.

News & Notables

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Inside the Studio
  • Visit with RF Alvarez
  • RF Alvarez takes us into his home and studio to show off his process, inspiration, and jealousy-inducing natural light.
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  • At Uprise
  • Tricks of the trade with Tina Rich
  • To kick off a new series highlighting some of the amazing designers we collaborate with, we sat down with New York-based designer Tina Rich.
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  • In Good Company
  • The Inside
  • Lush interiors abound at The Inside's newly renovated Tribeca loft, the Creative Compound.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • RF on "Archivo"
  • We take a first look at RF Alvarez's 'Archivo' series at his Austin, TX studio.
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  • At Uprise
  • Holiday Gift Edit
  • We’ve curated five holiday collections filled with perfect one-of-a-kind gifts. From tabletop treasures to statement pieces, these works make it easy to check everyone off your list.

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