• $2000

  • size 9.5" × 14.5" × 12.5"
  • year 2013
  • materials Stoneware with glaze
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File 83590

About the Artist

File 83590

Los Angeles California-based artist Pilar Wiley (b. 1976) makes ceramic vessels that serve as canvases for her repeating patterns and pictorial imagery. Her surfaces express the idiosyncrasies of mark making, referencing global traditions of decorative abstraction, as well as shapes drawn from plant life and her childhood overseas. Influenced by the forms and techniques of West and South African pottery, Wiley advances a personal mythology through the repetitive ceramic process.

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • At Uprise
  • Behind the scenes of "Make Arrangements"
  • Step into the studios of Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao (CHIAOZZA), Fitzhugh Karol, Karina Bania, and Pilar Wiley as they prepare for "Make Arrangements," a group exhibition examining objects and their ability to move us as we move them.

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