• $850
  • size 11" × 14" × 0.875"
  • year 2016
  • materials Acrylic on panel
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“Using small collages as models for larger paintings allows me the freedom to analyze existing, formal relationships and to be experimental with my execution of the paintings” — Nina Stolz Bellucci
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About the Artist

File 83584

Nina Stolz Bellucci (b. 1983) is a Newton, Massachusetts-based mixed-media artist whose abstract works are inspired by the poetry of free association. Working with a sensitivity to her materials, Nina selects media that are personally and materially symbolic to create paintings that evoke abstractions of portraiture, landscape and still life. Nina’s work transcends its personal significance to create artifacts that speak to the universal ephemerality of thought and experience.

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From the Journal

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  • Nina Stolz Bellucci
  • Painter Nina Stolz Bellucci tells us about her kitchen studio, training her eye, and how her works to point to a larger world.

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