• $3200

  • size 35" × 23" × 1.5"
  • year 2019
  • materials Oil on canvas
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“I want to contribute to a vocabulary for expressions of care that precede the desire for understanding. I question the primacy of empathy as a goal in portraiture or as a prerequisite for acts of protection, stewardship, and solidarity. From painting, I ask for a place to grow my own capacity for care across distance. The language of paint is a vocabulary of intimacy: touch, attention, accumulation, compromise, repair. I have faith in painting as a tool for naming the places where language and other structures fail.” — Lukey Walden
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About the Artist

File 128434

Lukey Agnes Walden (b. 1994) is a Providence, Rhode Island based painter concerned with queer & trans subjectivities. Lukey Agnes paints in a restricted yet vibrant palette, allowing large swaths of jewel toned paint to shine through layers of dark scumbling and shadowy glazing. Short staccato brushstrokes offer a visual articulation of the act of seeing, each mark evidence of attention and reverence. Their paintings are a record of mutual understanding between the artist and the sitter, a resonant moment of connection and acknowledgement experienced by two trans people. Through their intimate paintings, Lukey Agnes explores the limitations and potentialities of representation in portraiture.

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Lukey Agnes Walden
  • Lukey Agnes Walden talks to us about the quiet moments in loose brushstrokes, conveying a desire for honesty and familiarity between the artist and the subject.

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