• $950

  • size 18" × 18" × 1.75"
  • year 2019
  • materials Pastel, colored pencil, and black gesso on panel
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“My series 'Flowers on Black' started as a materials test using black gesso and a variety of media that I had laying around. These tools needed to be good for mark making on the porous, chunky texture of the gesso. I slowly developed a visual vocabulary with the oil pastels, water color pencils, and other random drawing tools. I have developed a real affinity for the process of working this way and have made some of my favorite works to date in this medium. Since launching this series, the works have started demanding freer and more impulsive marks. It feels great to have a series that makes me push my material knowledge and encourages me to let loose a little. ” — Luke Forsyth
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About the Artist

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Raised in Blue Lake, California, Luke Forsyth (b. 1982) is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. Drawing inspiration from the everyday, Luke crafts introspective and imaginary landscapes and still lifes that project the familiar into the surreal. Luke’s use of flat matte color gives his work a cut-out feeling, collapsing dimensional space into patterned adornment, further distancing the viewer from a recognizable sense of place.

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Luke Forsyth
  • Painter Luke Forsyth shares his influences, notes on process, and thoughts on the enduring presence of chairs in his work.
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  • At Uprise
  • 7 books that inspire artists
  • We turned to 7 Uprise Art artists to share the books that are currently inspiring them - from classic art books to introspective novels.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Visit with Luke Forsyth
  • Luke Forsyth shares his recent series and catches us up on how switching between mediums and scale figures into his practice.

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