• size 37.5" × 37.5" × 2.5"
  • year 2021
  • materials Acrylic on canvas
  • framed In maple
“All of my work is conceptually rooted in the fragility of the physical world. In this series of fragmented florals, delicate washes of color are used to create the shapes of petals and leaves against a saturated chromatic background. I love how blooms in this painting appear suspended and drifting.” — Kit Porter
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About the Artist

File 136827

Kit Porter (b. 1983) is a mixed media artist living and working in Beaufort, South Carolina. Drawn to the coastal landscape, Porter’s paintings abstract and fragment natural forms to act as a metaphor for the fragility of the physical world. In Porter’s paintings, tide-worn shells and stones polished by the ocean’s current become as smooth as petals while flowers become as ephemeral as the wind, echoing the persistence of time and the tenacity of nature.

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Kit Porter
  • South Carolina-based painter Kit Porter explains how the floral motifs in her work speak to the impermanence of life.

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