• size 31.5" × 25.3" × 2.25"
  • year 2018
  • medium Acrylic on canvas
  • framed In natural
  • price $2800
“The 10OX series offers a modern visual interpretation of the Zen story Ten Ox Herding Pictures, which describes the path of enlightenment. As a series, they reach beyond the component paintings to guide the viewer along a path of transformation and transcendence. This theme is presented most palpably through color, wherein black-brown represents the bull-mind (ego/hero) of this ancient archetypal story, beginning with a call to adventure, apexing in revelation, and ending in the return to home.” — Kimmy Quillin
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About the Artist

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Kimmy Quillin (b. 1983) is a painter who draws from symbolic color and narrative in her abstractions. Her works are partially informed by her visual experience of the world unaided by corrective lenses - after she ran out of contacts in 2008, she discovered a preference for her less-than-20/20 vision of the world. This color field reality is reflected in her painting. Quillin currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Kimmy Quillin
  • Kimmy Quillin shares her thoughts on cultivating creativity, New York City, and palettes that inform her graphic paintings.

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