• size 30" × 36"
  • year 2017
  • medium Oil on canvas
  • framed N/A
  • price Upon Request
“This painting is an example of how an unintended gesture can send you in a new direction. My brush happened to have too much turpentine on it and made a stain-like mark on the canvas. That sent me in a more delicate direction, making the painting feel fluid like falling water.” — John Platt
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About the Artist

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John Platt (b. 1984) was born and raised in New York City, immediately exposing the young artist to the worlds’ great capital of art and culture. Early visits to the Museum of Modern Art opened his mind to the possibilities of being a painter, a career path that took him to The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where he graduated in 2007. Platt has honed his skills as an abstractionist by allowing a wide range of media–architecture, fashion, music, photography, film–to influence his work. Platt has exhibited globally and currently splits his time between NYC and Africa, where he founded the art education program How to Draw a Lion.

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From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • John Platt
  • Painter John Platt shares his inspiration for his newest series and his thoughts on how color gives context.

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