• $1000
  • size 30.5" × 23" × 1.875"
  • year 2021
  • materials Watercolor on paper
  • framed In white
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“Many of the works in this series are called 'Soaking' and they reflect my feeling that the sun has the power to make everything feel okay, even if just for a short while. These figures are lying prostrate on the sand, they are drenching themselves in sun, in light and have temporarily given over their worries to the sound of the sea and their wonderful sense of abandon.” — Gabrielle Raaff
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About the Artist

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Gabrielle Raaff (b. 1970) is a Cape Town, South Africa-based painter who explores figurative and architectural forms within the urban landscape. Working with the ephemeral qualities of watercolor and ink, her diluted pigments abstract her figures into studies of light and dark wandering across her paper landscape. While existing outside a specific place or time,Gabrielle’s minimalist compositions evoke a sense of both "everywhere" and "nowhere".

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Gabrielle Raaff
  • South African artist Gabrielle Raaff tells us about her material preferences, growing up in Cape Town, and the figure in the urban environment.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Visit with Gabrielle Raaff
  • Gabrielle Raaff shares her Cape Town studio space along with guiding words from past teachers and a peak at new works.

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