• $3200

  • size 25.5" × 35.5" × 1.875"
  • year 2018
  • materials Graphite, acrylic, oil paint, and flocking on drafting film
  • framed In white
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“In my work, figures of women and children often exist in a vacuum, stark figures against untouched paper. I suspect my artwork looks the way it does because of my personal experience of displacement. I am a double immigrant: my grandparents were from mainland China but exiled to Taiwan where they raised my parents and then me until we three moved to America. I spent my formative years in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Maryland. Until junior high, I was often the only Asian face in my class. My parents and I carried our culture within ourselves, disconnected from our physical reality. My artwork continues this state in material form. My characters have little need for a physical setting because they exist in a psychological and not a concrete realm.” — Fay Ku
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About the Artist

File 83203

Fay Ku is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist creating fantastical and otherworldly drawings inspired by myths, folklore, and her own experiences of displacement. Her drawings are characterized by dense, intricately detailed linework contrasted against large fields of untouched paper. Often depicting an isolated figure, Fay’s characters are unflinching and meet the viewer with direct eye contact and a steadfast gaze.

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  • Margaret in Chelsea
  • We visited Margaret, an art enthusiast, in her charming Chelsea home.

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