• size 41.5" × 28.5" × 1.875"
  • year 2009
  • materials Digital C-print
  • edition of 7
  • framed In white
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“It's no great exaggeration to say that the houses and gardens in [this] series more closely resemble movie sets than homes; pristine 1950s architecture enveloping equally spotless vintage cars, swimming pools encircled by figurative sculptures in a Kubrickian balancing-act between gaudiness and refinement, all isolated before the craggy desert mountains of the Coachella Valley.” — HotShoe
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About the Artist

File 83158

As an American born to Russian immigrants, the “vicarious fantasy of America” is an integral aspect of work by self-taught photographer Dolly Faibyshev (b. 1981). By examining the relationship of her family to their adopted homeland, Faibyshev documents those experiences in pictures, which explore the meaning of the American dream in all its forms. Her images reflect an obsessive sense of color, form, and an unconventional humor. Faibyshev’s first major series, Palm Springs, captured the archaic charm of iconic Palm Springs neighborhoods, resulting in an exhibition and publication, Palm Springs, Mid-Century Modern. She continues to examine themes rooted in Americana with her series Best in Show, a quirky look at Show Dogs and their handlers. Her portfolio continues to grow with her exploration of rodeos and nightclubs.

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From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Dolly Faibyshev
  • Dolly Faibyshev takes the time to speak with us about dog shows, unguarded moments, and smiling until your face hurts.
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  • At Home
  • Casey in FiDi
  • We visited Casey DeBois, an interior designer, in her modern (yet cozy) apartment in the iconic New York by Gehry building.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Dolly on "I Love New York"
  • Capturing locations rarely visited twice, Dolly Faibyshev encourages even the most jaded New Yorkers to take a fresh look at the City, in her latest series of quirky, boldly hued photographs, "I Love New York."
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  • At Home
  • Noa in Midtown
  • Take a tour of interior designer Noa's artful home.
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  • At Home
  • Modern opulence in Midtown
  • We joined Noa Santos, Justin DiPiero and ABC Home to bring modern luxury to a three-bedroom apartment in Midtown.
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  • At Home
  • Tze in Brooklyn
  • Tucked away in Prospect Heights, our founder Tze Chun’s Brooklyn loft features an open floor plan, an oversized sky light, and (naturally) artwork and unique objects from Uprise artists.
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  • In Good Company
  • Austin strategy consulting firm
  • Current Interiors bring their Brooklyn-aesthetic to Austin in the design of this strategy consulting firm’s 2200-square-foot space.

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