• $1300
  • size 11" × 5"
  • year 2016
  • materials Carved English porcelain with glaze
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“The pots are hand thrown on the potters wheel using high quality English porcelain. The patterning is achieved with the sgraffito technique. A thin layer of clay stained with black pigment is applied to the surface of the pot with a brush, then selectively carved away freehand to reveal the bright white claybody of the porcelain underneath. These geometric designs are carved without the use of rulers or guides. Each piece is unique.” — Dana Bechert
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About the Artist

File 83143

Dana Bechert (b. 1990) is a Nottingham Pennsylvania-based ceramicist who creates functional art objects. Her hand thrown pottery is often adorned with sgraffito pictographs etched into the object’s pigmented surface before firing to reveal a contrasting layer of white porcelain underneath. Becher’s graphic patterns reference nature, Native American pottery, and Japanese textiles. The resulting designs range from geometrically complex patterns to playful, improvisational doodles.

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