• $2250
  • size 25.75" × 21.75"
  • year 2013
  • materials Acrylic on panel
  • framed In white float frame
“My current work involves objects— machines, organic matter— of undeterminable scale, floating in space without a horizon, and in constant states of decomposition and regeneration.” — Blake Haygood
Blake haygood

About the Artist

Blake haygood

Based in Seattle, WA, Blake Haygood (b. 1966) is a primarily self-taught artist, learning most of his craft through trial and error. His work focuses on entropy, disorder, randomness, and unpredictability in a manner that promotes hope and humor. Blake received his degree from Georgia Institute of Technology.

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From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Blake Haygood
  • Blake Haygood tells us how printmaking has influenced his painting, the role of entropy, and why his works seem melancholy at times.

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