• $1100
  • size 20" × 16" × 2"
  • year 2021
  • materials Oil, graphite, joint compound, and cold wax on panel
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“Rose Garden' is a rumination on my own rose garden of over 250 rose bushes. The organization of the shapes in this piece remind me of the tidy rows of plants, and the colors are inspired by my three favorite roses.” — Arielle Zamora
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About the Artist

File 82768

Arielle Zamora (b.1990) is Portland Oregon-based painter and printmaker who creates paintings through a labor-intensive process of layering joint compound and paint. Reacting to the geometry of her substrate, Arielle carves a variety of lines into the surface to reveal subtle shifts in color and line weight, while repeating and manipulating shapes and forms that recur throughout all of her work. Chance imperfections humanize her abstractions and invite a scavenger hunt-like engagement with the work. 

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Arielle Zamora
  • Arielle Zamora tells us about how she started working with joint compound, adding the human hand into her work, and putting her ducks in a row.

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