• They Were Pale Blue and There Were Many Horses
  • Aliza Cohen
  • $7100

  • size 58" × 82"
  • year 2015
  • materials Acrylic and oil on canvas
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“I went from painting the suburban landscape outside my old studio window to painting abstract compositions. It was a very natural progression: the landscapes became less and less recognizable, until you could very rarely pick out a landscape reference.” — Aliza Cohen
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About the Artist

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Richmond, California-based Aliza Cohen (b. 1980) is a perpetual observer, constantly exploring her surroundings for inspiration. Aliza's painting practice began through depicting realistic portrayals of the suburban landscapes as observed from her studio. Eventually her work progressed into sprawling abstract compositions that capture not only the visual verisimilitude of place but its emotional and intangible qualities as well. This specificity has become paramount to Aliza, as she has crafted a visual language of repetitive shapes and symbols that depict her relationship to the world around her.

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From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Aliza Cohen
  • We chat with Aliza Cohen about her move from landscape to abstraction, high-end art materials, and what's next.
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  • At Home
  • Elizabeth in Williamsburg
  • Hidden away on a quiet street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, writer and Uprise collector Elizabeth's one-bedroom apartment offers a warm retreat.

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