• size 46" × 66" × 2.25"
  • year 2015
  • materials Watercolor on paper
  • framed In white
  • price $5100
“My work is topographic, tracing and retracing itself almost identically. How it starts is indeterminate, possibly forgotten and surely arbitrary. Every step conforms to the preceding step because once a path exists it is followed. Little deviations occur by accident or when the path is ill-defined. As is typical, things become unrecognizable in a hurry” — Alex Diamond
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About the Artist

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Alex Diamond (b. 1990) is an Austin, Texas-based artist and curator. His works on paper reflect self-determined systems of experimentation and controlled uncertainty, systems that the artist speculates “may crumble under their own weight.” The resulting images picture an accumulation of errors and human shortcomings that revel in the incidental beauty of mortal glitches and their transformative potential for reevaluation and change.

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From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Alex Diamond
  • Alex Diamond tells us how repetition features in his practice and how inspiration can last months or years.

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