• size 28" × 46"
  • year 2017
  • medium Oil on canvas
  • framed N/A
  • price $3500
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About the Artist

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Adrian Kay Wong (b. 1991) paints encapsulated moments that focus on the intimate, familiar, and human connections. Wong explores the interactions between negative space and figure, segmenting his surfaces with shapes that are collectively representational and function independently as abstract forms. The paintings are distinctively personal, portraying narratives that are often sourced from his own adolescence. By investigating these sentimentalities with a deliberate and measured simplicity, Wong attempts to glorify the ordinary and reimagine the everyday.

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Meet
  • Adrian Kay Wong
  • Painter Adrian Kay Wong talks about the subjects of his paintings and the influence of Los Angeles versus Chicago.
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  • 5 Things You Didn't Know About Uprise Artists
  • Birthdays are best celebrated with surprises, so in honor of our fifth birthday, we're letting you in on a few facts about Uprise artists that you won't find on their CVs.
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  • In Good Company
  • The Ashland
  • Take a tour of The Ashland, a new residential building located in the Brooklyn Cultural District, with artwork curated by Uprise Art.

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3 painting adrian kay wong whisper (embrace) detail
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3 painting adrian kay wong whisper (embrace) detail
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